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On behalf of everyone at Branchton Community Centre I'd like to thank you for your kind donation of food. As you know, we're currently providing low cost meals for vulnerable people in Inverclyde and we're providing emergency grocery deliveries as well. Your donations will greatly help us with this work. 
Branchcroft community centre. 2020


Your creations have been marvellous and so well received by David I think you will have some good publicity when the film comes out.

Outlaw king 2017

He was absolutely outstanding, cast loved the food and it looked fantastic to see people actually eating with gusto rather than pushing food around their plates!

And his patter is excellent too

Country Music. 2017

The large banquets were beautifully dressed by a local chef. (that's me). He set up his kitchen/workshop near the office. Although not much cooking was done there- it was mostly glue guns, painting and sculpting his creations, afterwards fixing them to the platters. and assuring the decorations were historically correct...a shame we didn't see more of them.

David Mackenzie about Outlaw King set decorators society of America. 2019


Very talented, a pleasure to work with.

Ordeal by Innocence. 2017

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