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Films and Productions

Due to the nature of my work, some have credits some not.

2023 On Falling. 16 films DT ltd

             canteen and Polish food

2023 Harvest. Harvest film ltd

              17th century Scottish village banquet food

2023 Murder is easy. Mammoth screen ltd

           1950s murder food. 

2023 a Scottish love Scheme. BRB productions ltd

           comtemporary Scottish food diner.

2023 two doors down series 7 .BBC comedy productions ltd

           comtemporay food carvery

2023 Scottish at heart. Sykes sibbling DAC

            Scottish breakfast with all the trimmings

2023  A gentleman in Moscow. Rostov productions ltd

            5 months of Russian food from the 1920s to the 1950s. elaborate restaurant and familly scenes,

2023  Celebrating 100 years of Ivor Cutler. 

             What an experience transforming his poems into food

2023  Two doors down series 6 - BBC Comedy productions ltd

            Contemporay food.

2022/2023 Outlander season 7. LBP Outlander 6 and 7 ltd.

             Food stylist north carolina 18th century.

2022 Loss and return. HTM (LANDR) LTD

            Stylish bougee display, contemporay food

2022 Guilt2. Guilt ltd

            comteporary/ american diner           

2022 Crime 2.  Flaming Pigeon Productions 2 (Buccaneer) LTD

            comtemporary diner scene. 

2022 Debutantes. The Forge Entertainment (Debutante Ltd)

           Victorian food with a twist 

2022 The Macallan advert. Filming Scotland

            props dressing and food styling

2022 Comonality. LA Productions - Aberdeen Limited

            a wee scotttish breakfast with love

2022  Anancy boys. Spider picturers ltd

            Food for gods 

2022  Good omens 2. Nice & Accurate Productions Ltd

             Food for gods

2021  Batgirl   

            Street food. canapes 

2021  A taste of Christmas with Andi Oliver

             Food dressing health and safety. tv program

2021  Eat well for less

             Scotland part. food dressing. tv program 

2021 Shetland 7

            Contemporary food

2021 The control room

            Contemporary food

2021 Famous Grouse advert

            Whisky Styling. dedicated to my twin brother. r.i.p.22/06/21

2021 The Rig

           Green set dresser

2021 Pilgrim (scotland) 

              food stylist from an other planet food

2021 AVBS Duchess of Argyll

              food stylist, party food and meal late 1950s

2021 Annika

             Food stylist contemporary food

2021 Falling blocks 

             Food sylist Russian and chinese food

2020/2021 Princess Switch 3

              food stylist Cake design. and wicked canapes

2020/2021 Outlander 6 

             Food stylist north Carolina 18th century. American indian food 18th century

            Green Daily Set dresser 

2020 Castle for Christmas

              Food stylist. lovely xmas stuff, fantasy cakes

2020 HMS Vigil

Food stylist: Submarine kitchen dressing and breakfast

2019/2020 Princess Switch, Switch Again.

Food stylist: Contemporary canapes and themed cakes

2019 Falling for Figaro

Food stylist: Contemporary bar food

2019 Outlander 5 Starz TV photoshoot Dvd cover

Food stylist: North Carolina 18th century

2019 Outlander series 5

Food stylist: North Carolina 18th century

Daily dressing greens

2019 The Bridgerton series

Food stylist: 1830s afternoon tea

2019 The A word

Food stylist: Contemporary BBQ

2019 World on Fire

Food stylist: 1930s afternoon tea

2019 Shepherd

Food stylist: Contemporary breakfast scene

2019 Guilt

Food stylist: Restaurant scene

2018 Two Doors Down 4

Food stylist: contemporary food

2018 Trust Me 2

Food stylist: restaurant scene

2018 Still Game season 9

Food stylist: contemporary restaurant scene

2018 Hope Gap

Food stylist Restaurant scene

2017/2018 Outlander series 4

Food stylist: North Carolina 18th century

Daily dressing greens

2018 Gareth Jones

Food stylist

2018 BBC Picture Dish pilot for a new TV show

Food stylist and consultant: contemporary food

2017 Two Doors Down 3

Food stylist: contemporary diner

2017 Outlaw King

Food stylist: medieval banquets

2017 BBC Ordeal by Innocence

Food stylist: 1950s food

2017 Wild Rose

Food stylist: contemporary

2017 LIDL/STV2 advert

Food stylist assistant

2016/2017 Outlander series 3

Food stylist: 18th century Scottish food, 1960s American food

Daily dressing greens

Daily props

2016 Two Doors Down 2

Food stylist: contemporary food

2016 Rillington lane

Food stylist: 1940s Christmas diner

2016 The Etruscan Smile

Food stylist: rustic and very modern contemporary food

2015/2016 Outlander season 2

Food stylist: 18th century Scottish and French food

Daily dressing greens

Assistant prop set dressing

2016 Outlander 2 Starz TV photoshoot – Advertising poster, DVD and CD cover

Food stylist: 18th century French food

2015 Thomas Honour

Food stylist: Victorian era food

2015 Welsh lamb advert (MTP productions)

Food stylist

2015 BBC Eve

Food stylist

2014 BBC3 series Fried

Food stylist

2014 Outlander season 1

Food stylist: 18th century Scottish food, 1950s English food

Daily dressing greens



Awards/ Other Information


That was my life before.....

1982-85 Brevet in hotel and catering management. Catering school of Nice (France)

Scottish Chef gastropub of the year in 2006 – Glenleven Inn

SLTN Pub Caterer of the year 2004 Highly commended – Glenleven Inn

Scottish Herald review 2004: One of the 25 best Scottish places to eat – Glenleven Inn

Awarded Investor in People in 1999 – Froggies Restaurant

Taste of Scotland Guides 1995/96/97/98 – Froggies Restaurant


COVID-19 Awareness certificate

Valid Hygiene level 2 certificate

Liability and Caterers insurance

Clean driving licence – valid for trailers and the rest!

Plenty of cooking and reading about food and history of food.

Greens, set dressing, props and stand by.



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