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Films and Productions

2020 Castle for Christmas

              Food stylist. lovely xmas stuff.

2020 HMS Vigil

Food stylist: Submarine kitchen dressing and breakfast

2019/2020 Princess Switch, Switch Again.

Food stylist: Contemporary canapes and themed cakes

2019 Falling for Figaro

Food stylist: Contemporary bar food

2019 Outlander 5 Starz TV photoshoot

Food stylist: North Carolina 18th century

2019 Outlander series 5

Food stylist: North Carolina 18th century

Daily dressing greens

2019 The Bridgerton series

Food stylist: 1830s afternoon tea

2019 The A word

Food stylist: Contemporary BBQ

2019 World on Fire

Food stylist: 1930s afternoon tea

2019 Shepherd

Food stylist: Contemporary breakfast scene

2019 Guilt

Food stylist: Restaurant scene

2018 Two Doors Down 4

Food stylist: contemporary food

2018 Trust Me 2

Food stylist: restaurant scene

2018 Still Game season 9

Food stylist: contemporary restaurant scene

2018 Hope Gap

Food stylist Restaurant scene

2017/2018 Outlander series 4

Food stylist: North Carolina 18th century

Daily dressing greens

2018 Gareth Jones

Food stylist

2018 BBC Picture Dish pilot for a new TV show

Food stylist and consultant: contemporary food

2017 Two Doors Down 3

Food stylist: contemporary diner

2017 Outlaw King

Food stylist: medieval banquets

2017 BBC Ordeal by Innocence

Food stylist: 1950s food

2017 Wild Rose

Food stylist: contemporary

2017 LIDL/STV2 advert

Food stylist assistant

2016/2017 Outlander series 3

Food stylist: 18th century Scottish food, 1960s American food

Daily dressing greens

Daily props

2016 Two Doors Down 2

Food stylist: contemporary food

2016 Rillington lane

Food stylist: 1940s Christmas diner

2016 The Etruscan Smile

Food stylist: rustic and very modern contemporary food

2015/2016 Outlander season 2

Food stylist: 18th century Scottish and French food

Daily dressing greens

Assistant prop set dressing

2016 Outlander 2 Starz TV photoshoot – Advertising poster, DVD and CD cover

Food stylist: 18th century French food

2015 Thomas Honour

Food stylist: Victorian era food

2015 Welsh lamb advert (MTP productions)

Food stylist

2015 BBC Eve

Food stylist

2014 BBC3 series Fried

Food stylist

2014 Outlander season 1

Food stylist: 18th century Scottish food, 1950s English food

Daily dressing greens



Awards/ Other Information


1982-85 Brevet in hotel and catering management. Catering school of Nice (France)

Scottish Chef gastropub of the year in 2006 – Glenleven Inn

SLTN Pub Caterer of the year 2004 Highly commended – Glenleven Inn

Scottish Herald review 2004: One of the 25 best Scottish places to eat – Glenleven Inn

Awarded Investor in People in 1999 – Froggies Restaurant

Taste of Scotland Guides 1995/96/97/98 – Froggies Restaurant


COVID-19 Awareness certificate

Valid Hygiene level 2 certificate

Liability and Caterers insurance

Clean driving licence – valid for trailers and the rest!

Plenty of cooking and reading about food and history of food.

Greens, set dressing, and stand by.


I just need a food for film/tv award now!!

Thanks for reading.

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