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Philippe Avril           Food for Film and TV                                  Glasgow Scotland

Philippe Avril is a food stylist / home economist / food for filmist based in Howwood near Glasgow in Scotland. UK

 I am from Marseille in France by the way but! I came to Scotland in 1992 and fell in love with the country and the people and stayed here to work and live....Many, many moons later and after a successfull career as head chef and restauranteur and a wee accident in 2014, I found myself working as an assistant greensman for the tv series Outlander 1. One day, I was asked to do some food for display...the rest is history.

From then on, I decided to take my skills and knowledge to the film and tv industry as a food stylist and home economist.

So as well as making and dressing food for display, I also provide actors and S.As with great edible and tasty food while on set filming if required.

I can also provide advice on kitchen and restaurant operations if needed. and may be supply some kitchen props...soon.

I am fully insured, possess a valid hygiene certificate and can travel anywhere.

I also promote food recycling and minimum waste on set whenever possible and give edible unused food to local food banks.

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